Below is Vincentflix Part Deux, introduced at the University of South Florida Institute for Research in Art's 2009 Holiday Gift exchange party. The receipient of the gift recieved a gift bag with a Zhu Zhu Pet and was then READ the following letter by the master of the gift exchange Mr. David Waterman.

Season’s greetings! You are the lucky recipient of this years Vincentflix membership. Last year the member ship was a personal media rental service featuring hundreds of movies, CD’s and books.

You’re thinking, wow what a great service it can’t get any better than that can it? YES IT CAN!

This year Vincentflix is pleased to announce that it has expanded it Empire into the arena of the fine arts.

Whoa, wait a minute! Is such an ambitious move really wise, will it effect the already award winning service that everyone has come to know and love?

Don’t worry you still get to borrow movies, music, and books with the same non-committal no fuss no muss guarantee that Vincentflix has always offered!

This is a special golden platinum blockbuster Fine Art Video prize that is a must have in every household.

Up for grabs this year is a personalized “Vinced Video”!

Yeah Great! Whoopee Do! What is a Vinced Video you ask?

Vincing is a process stemming from the fandom practice of Vidding: “the fan labor practice in media fandom of creating music videos from the footage of one or more visual media sources.” Vincing is a form of Vidding that follows a simply formula. One Movie minus it’s soundtrack Plus one music group’s discography equals a “Vinced Video”!
Movie + Rock Group = Vinced Feature Presentation.

With Vincing you tell Vincentflix your favorite movie and your favorite band and Vincentflix will combine the two, or Vince them together using the process Vincing to create your own custom Vinced Feature Presentation.

Friends and family will be in awe of how you managed to combine your love of the Progressive Rock band Rush with your love of the Cinematic triumph that is the Lord of the Rings Trilogy!

So far this innovative process of Vincing has created the following:

Star Wars Van Halen
Commissioned for USF CAM’s Chief Preparator Mr. Vincent Kral.

Big Trouble Flogging Molly

Commissioned for USF CAM’s New Media Curator Mr. Don Fuller.

Ghostbusters Radiohead

Commissioned for USF CAM’s Registrar Ms. Shannon Annis.

Young Elvis Frankenstein Costello
Commissioned for USF CAM’s Chief of Security Mr. David Waterman.

Samples of these works are available at the handy Vincentflix Kiosk located in the corner of the room!

All your friends and co-workers are doing it, shouldn’t you? Step up and get Vinced Today, Tomorrow, and the Next day!

Thinks about it folks, your favorite eye candy with you favorite audio delight, minus all that messy dialogue and boring orchestral background theme music!

But wait there’s more! Act now and keep this gift, or steal it from someone else and Vincentflix will throw in a special VIP Platinum Bronze Bonus!

Yes that’s right folks in addition to having you own Vincing you get Vincent Kral himself staring as the movie character of your choice guitar-syncing to the music of your favorite band! Imagine Vince as Tom Cruise as Maverick from Top Gun jamming out to Gun’s and Roses’ Welcome to the Jungle! The possibilities are endless and you get to make all the conceptual choices!
But Wait there’s more!

Try it FREE for just 365 days and if you are not completely satisfied throw the DVD away and never tell anyone about it, but as a courtesy to you just for trying, keep the free Zhu Zhu pet hamster as a complimentary gift!

Wow can there be more?

No that’s it.

God Bless the little baby Jesus and all who sail on her, I Christen thee the Flying Wasp!

Illegal in Texas and void were prohibited.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please direct them to your nearest Vincentflix costumer service representative, indicated by the red shirt that says Vincentflix across the front.